Dalian F.T.Z.Great Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. (former Dalian F.T.Z. Wawoo Int'L Trade Co.,Ltd. ) was established in 1996. It is a comprehensive chemical enterprise with chemical technology research, development, production and sales of specialty and fine chemicals, chemical materials.

Through years of unremitting efforts, Great Industry & Trade currently is producing and saling several major categories include Inorganic Persulfate, Silicone Coupling Agent, Antiseptic, Biological Extracts and Pharmaceutical Intermediates, meantime is the designated product sales agent of German ALZCHEM and Japanese FUSHIMI in China, our products are widely used for polymers, PCB, textile, paper, pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment, solar energy, ceramics, etc., and export to more than 20 countries and regions, such as Japan, Korea, the United States, Southeast Asia and so on. We strive to provide long-term reliable product solutions to customers around the world through the constantly strive for perfection of the product quality control, the perfect sales network, the convenient storage and transportation services.

We always obedience to the operation philosophy as "Safety and Environmental Protection, Continuous Innovation, Service Improve, Customer Satisfaction", and continuing devote ourselves to the innovation of process technology, products, services, in order to assist customers and suppliers to improve efficiency and reduce costs, so that the majority of users could maintain its leading position in their respective markets.

Our company cooperates with United Initiators (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to sell organic peroxides, and the production place is in United Initiators (Germany) Co., Ltd. The main products are benzoyl peroxide, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, tert butyl benzoate, etc. Organic peroxides produced in chemical industry are mainly used as polymerization initiators and catalysts for synthetic resins.

Great Industry also cooperates with many domestic factories to sell potassium persulfate. Potassium persulfate complex salt (potassium monopersulfate, potassium bisulfate) is a stable, convenient and excellent acid oxidant with wide application. Its application fields include oral cleaning, swimming pool and hot spring water disinfection, circuit board etching agent, pulp bleaching, shrink proof treatment of wool fabric, extraction of precious metals, etc.; potassium persulfate compound salt is in organic synthesis As an important auxiliary agent, it can epoxidate the double bond in organic molecules. It is a free radical initiator for many polymerization reactions. In addition, potassium persulfate compound salt can be used as oxidant of sulfur-containing substances such as hydrogen sulfide in wastewater treatment, low-temperature oxygen bleaching agent in detergent and oxygen supply agent in aquaculture.



As a service oriented Chemical supplier, we promise to serve our customer always with products of superior quality and to quote at the most reasonable price. Our products ranging from dyes, paints to organic, inorganic chemicals,intermediates and pharmaceutical . But these were not all, as long as you tell us your needs; we will do our utmost to fulfill it. We will adapt quickly to the changing chemical needs of customers. We are willing to help all of our customers to take a premier place in the market at any time.



Our well-trained staffs are all experienced in fulfilling customers' requirements and providing good after-sales service.



Our products are sold to America, Europe, Japan, and South-east Asia regularly; what's more, our business extension has reached to Africa recently. Most our customers sing high praise of our products. New customers are encouraged to know our company by browsing out website and to try our service by using our products. We are confident that you will find great satisfactory.
We will warmly welcome all clients from abroad for business and cooperation.